Last Saturday, I experienced a sort of freedom I wasn't used to finding in China. I'd caught a late night flight back to Beijing from Shenzhen, and it was early morning by the time our plane touched down in the capital. Outside the airport past sleeping carousels and a deserted lobby, the night was empty save for a straggle of cabs huddled near the terminal doors. I hailed one and we pulled out for the hazy glow of the downtown core.

My driver looked maybe twenty-one. He was poor, from out of town, and without much in the way of prospects. But as we drove down the empty highway this song came on and he turned up the radio. And soon we were coasting through the night with the winds whistling outside and the speakers surging with adrenaline. The world reduced itself to a certain kind of motion through time and music. There was a sort of freedom and escape there. And it came from this:

If you like this song, be sure to check out the other songs we've covered by Pu Shu: Upset Only Fool, and Those Flowers. As always, there's some great music in China if you know where to look, or know how to let it find you. As usual, we've linked to the Youtube version of this song. If you're in China you can find a local copy on Youku here.

 said on
September 26, 2009
Hey Dave cool song, It reminds me a bit of the opening bars from "Friday I'm In Love" by the Cure
 said on
May 30, 2010
Excellent song. Has a My Bloody Valentine/Lush feel to it. Would enjoy more like this.
 said on
May 31, 2010
Yeah, great song. His other ones are good too.

Nice catch.
 said on
September 26, 2014
Great song. Sounds reminiscent of the Foo Fighters to me.

Question about where to get it:

It used to be really easy to download MP3s from Baidu, but now it seems one has to get their app, which I don't really want. Also don't want a heap of malware dumped on my PC. Happy to pay for songs without crap, can anyone suggest a site? (I mean for Chinese music).