This week on Sinica, Jeremy and Kaiser are joined by Jonah M. Kessel, former freelance photographer and now full-time videographer for the New York Times who has covered a wide range of China stories, traveled widely through the country, and produced a series of great videos on everything from the Foxconn scandals and the Southeast Asian heroin trade to more practical coverage on how to walk your cabbage. Join us as we talk to Jonah about his work and his experiences in China.

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 said on
February 9, 2015
Great show guys.....I would have loved to hear more about the resettlement program of ex-KMT soldiers in Myanmar and Northern Thailand. I know that many of their offspring in Northern Thailand are now growing tea, but am not sure of the effect of any programs in Myanmar.

Lastly, I would like to register a bit of protest at Kaiser's assumption that Foxconn exploits it workers more than the average sweat shop, and have listeners pay attention to Jonah's comments that Foxconn "..actually wasn't that bad."

While the thought of toiling 12 hours a day assembling IPhones would truly be troubling, I am sure that Foxconn, as a company in the spotlight and one that is audited several times a year by Apple, HP,, provides much better working conditions than those companies that assemble products for Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies that are not pressured by international NGO's to improve the livelihood of their subcontractors' workers. Just something to think about....
 said on
February 14, 2015
In response to howiesnyder, it should probably be noted that Foxconn assembles products for Huawei and Xiaomi.
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