While foreign media coverage these last two weeks has focused on environmental disasters, over-fishing and emerging forms of the avian flu, the Chinese state media has turned its gaze towards the transgressions of Apple Computer, which found itself excoriated by CCTV on World Consumer Rights Day for its warranty policy and for using refurbished parts in mainland phone repairs.

Considering the enthusiasm of the Chinese market for Apple products, the state media-led hullabaloo has raised questions about whether the Chinese government is targeting Apple as a competitive threat to mainland companies. And what exactly is going on behind the scenes and what does it forebode for Apple? In today's episode of Sinica, we are delighted to welcome David Wolf from Allison + Partners and Laurie Burkitt of the Wall Street Journal to our studio to join hosts Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn for a discussion and analysis of the situation.

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 said on
April 6, 2013
Hey guys - can you post the links mentioned in the podcast? I'm in particularly interested in Alec Ash's (sp?) essay.

 said on
April 6, 2013
Here are the recommendations:


Use a rice cooker to bake bread


Red Capitalism by Carl E. Walter and Fraser J. T. Howie



China’s Youth: Do They Dare to Care about Politics by Alec Ash


The balinghou by James Palmer



Economist special on the Internet in China

 said on
April 6, 2013
Just one note on this week's show. International Consumer Rights' Day came about because of a speech that J.F.K. made on March 15, 1962 calling for basic consumer rights.....
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