A deadly hit-and-run at Hebei University by the unapologetic son of a high-ranking official has sparked outrage across China, with early efforts to cover up the incident ultimately leading to father and son both making tearful apologies on national television. In other news, China stands accused of clamping down on the export of sensitive rare metals, while a new Chinese prize makes a surprise international debut. This week on Sinica, we discuss these developments and more from our studios in the heart of downtown Beijing.

With Kaiser Kuo still out of the country on an international speaking tour, Sinica cohost Jeremy Goldkorn takes the reins today. Joining him in the studio are Sinica regulars Gady Epstein, Beijing Bureau Chief of Forbes magazine; Will Moss, popular blogger at Imagethief and expert on public relations in China; and David Moser, an old China-hand and now academic director for the CET program in Beijing.

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 said on
November 8, 2010
I heard Frank Liu was expanding the Harmony award to include a Harmony Science Prize as well, he's giving it to Xiao Chuanguo.
 said on
November 11, 2010
In regards to coverage of the "my dad is Li Gang" affair, I think the story made it into the Chinese media relatively quickly (either on MOP or Netease) although the name of the Li Gang was X-ed out.
 said on
November 13, 2010
I would like to have if possible the Chinese words/names mentioned in that podcast in text file
Mark Lesson Studied