It seems to be the consensus among long-time China watchers that the Chinese media has become more radicalized over the last five years, with both online and traditional channels now feeding the public conflicting stories of both reflexive scorn for the status quo or patriotic jingoism. But how radical are things getting? And what are the limits to how much further they can go, or will be allowed to go on either side?

This week on Sinica we look at two of the extremes. First up a discussion between Jeremy Goldkorn and Brook Larmer, whose recent essay on Chinese Internet humor for the New York Times looked not only at what is being said online but who is saying it and why. And then we look the other way, talking with journalist Christina Larson and Sinica-stalwart David Moser about the Global Times, a commercial newspaper under the auspices of the People's Daily so untempered in its nationalism that many consider the paper a government mouthpiece, with Foreign Policy even comparing the publication to Fox News.

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November 4, 2011
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November 9, 2011
hi guys, could you reference the books, movies, cartoons etc. mentioned at the end of the show? thanks a lot
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November 11, 2011
Yes, chinawooky, exactly. I would love to know where I can find that 周浩 documentary...I believe in chinese it's called 冬月 (English: The Transition Period) -- seems to be hard to find.

other recommended things:

Are China’s Rulers Getting Religion?

Ian Johnson

who's afriad of china? chinese soft power (book)

Understanding China Through Comics (ibooks, kindle book)

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November 14, 2011
Thanks MoNigeria for recommending Understanding China through Comics, what a nice surprise! Does anyone know when Volume 2 & 3 are coming out?

Here is the book link:
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November 14, 2011

btw, it's not my recommendation, chinawooky was asking about the recommendations at the end of the podcast so I just wrote them down here - the credit is non of mine!
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June 2, 2013
Taoism is better than Christianity for the Chinese people?!?!?! Who are any of you to decide something like that?
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