The story started when a Buzzfeed editor lost his iPhone in an East Village bar in February of last year and blossomed into the Sino-American romance of the century, and probably the most up-lifting and altogether unlikely China story that we can remember. It features Apple products, global crime networks, human flesh search engines, the draw of instant celebrity, and Ellen DeGeneres. Who can resist the cross-cultural romance of Matt Stopera and Brother Orange?

Joining Kaiser, Jeremy and David us to talk about this phenomenon and its backstory and are two guests who've seen it unfold from the inside: Matt Sheehan, China Correspondent for the Huffington Post, who wrote this piece about the saga, and Cecilia Miao, agent for Brother Orange and creator of Channel-C, a community for Chinese students who have studied abroad. So listen in online or download our show as a standalone mp3 file and share with friends.
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June 24, 2015
Here's the link to the original blog by Matt Stopera that describes his entire crazy adventure:

A clip from the Ellen Degeneres Show that Kaiser mentioned:

The Wall Street Journal article about Cecelia's short movie "My Foreign Roommate":

@shamelesschina is the wechat username for the page Cecelia mentioned.
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June 26, 2015
Thanks for the links.
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July 17, 2015
Not sure, Jeremy might already know about this site. It's geared toward Chinese language learning for kids, thus it has a lot of textbooks and other such materials, but it also seems to have a good stock of regular children's books. I'm on the mailing list, and the owner of the site - who I believe is a father himself - will send out promotion emails including new arrivals, special themed stuff (i.e., festivals) and free downloadable activity sheets for kids. He always includes a nice little personal message to start off the email. Nice touch. Gosh, it sounds like I work for this company, LOL. I don't. Anyway, I thought this might be a good resource for Jeremy. Cheers.
Mark Lesson Studied