This week on Sinica, Kaiser Kuo, David Moser and Jeremy Goldkorn pull Christopher Cairns into the studio for a discussion of an upcoming paper the Cornell graduate student has scheduled for publication in the China Quarterly. Why are we so interested in this topic? Because Cairns and his colleagues at Cornell have actually found a way to measure the extent of government censorship over time, and their research has unearthed some particularly interesting ideas about the relationship between anti-Japanese nationalism and the extent of censorship on Weibo. So saddle-up your VPNs and get listening!

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 said on
May 4, 2015
Hi, one thought I had while listening whether it was possible to sort the data in terms of type of comments that got censored - eg was it more nationalistic or more balanced comments that got censored - rather than just stating that censorship as a whole increased during particular periods.

Separately, am curious if you guys know the real story behind the closure of the 21st Century Business Herald website!
 said on
May 6, 2015
Good to hear Jeremy on the show again
Mark Lesson Studied