In a China accustomed to glacial political change, Bo Xilai's dramatic fall from power this week has stunned observers nationwide. Joining us to help make sense of things is Guardian correspondent Tania Branigan, who helps review what exactly happened to the former Chongqing Party Secretary and once Politburo contender. Sinica then turns to a discussion of history, architecture and murder with fellow guest and soon-to-be-famous author Paul French, whose non-fiction murder mystery Midnight in Peking is set for a much broader international release next month.

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March 16, 2012
Some of the recommendations from this week's show:

We can devote a paragraph to Paul French's work, between the new hardcover and kindle releases of Midnight in Peking. Also mentioned were the sites China Rhyming and its particular article "What We Lost, 2011 edition", T. C. Warner's Myths & Legends of China, and both the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center and the Royal Asiatic Society in Shanghai.

In other recommendations, Jeremy Goldkorn tried to send us to the Northeast corner of Ritan park in search of the azure-winged magpie, and followed up with Blocked on Weibo. Paul French mentioned Sue Anne Tay's Shanghai Street Stories and Weijun Chen's Law of the Dragon, and Tania suggests this film used for the training of the Hungarian secret police, and this recent piece in the Guardian featuring a cameo appearance by none other than the azure-winged magpie.

 said on
March 17, 2012
What's with all the censoring this time?
 said on
March 17, 2012

Just trying to avoid giving out spoilers to the ending.

 said on
March 18, 2012
Ah, ok! :)
 said on
March 21, 2012
It made it very difficult to listen to. Kaiser did give a spoiler alert. Perhaps that would be enough next time?
 said on
March 22, 2012
Love Sinica, and I'm now addicted. It is sometimes a bit too much like our NPR, but a lot more entertaining and informative.

Keep up the good work, and stifle Jeremy now and then hehe!
 said on
April 5, 2012
*beeeeeep* *beeeeeep* what what?

Another enjoyable listen! :-)
 said on
August 21, 2012
Just did the Audio walk......Friggen awesome!!
 said on
November 24, 2013
Sinica is such an interesting podcast to listen. The Murder Mystery in Peking was a blast!! Paul French is my idol.. keep up the good work!


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