This week on Sinica, Kaiser and Jeremy are delighted to be joined by Isolda Morillo, a Peruvian journalist for the Associated Press whose life story is as interesting as they come. Growing up in Beijing in the 1980s, where she attended local schools, Isolda went on to attend university in South America before launching a career in journalism which has taken her to Cuba, France and the United States as well as back to China.

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June 21, 2014


1. 康生评传 (A Critical Biography of Kang Sheng), by Zhong Kan 仲侃 (book page at Douban)

2. Je suis né un 4 juin, mémoires, by Liu Xinwu 刘心武 (currently only available in French)


The episode Crime, Punishment and Serial Killers of the China Hang-up podcast


Class in America: The Fault Lines, a special issue of the magazine Guernica

Mark Lesson Studied