"So what you're saying is... you can't give awards for good journalism to bad journalism?"

After a few upbeat weeks on political intrigue in Chongqing, Sinica is back this week with another depressing show about the various ways China is killing us all. This week our conversation turns to cadmium-laced rice, endangered species and the pollution of the food supply in a conversation with writer and broadcaster Isabel Hilton, founder of China Dialogue, and Jonathan Watts, Guardian correspondent and author of the book When A Billion Chinese Jump.

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 said on
April 22, 2012
While I agree that China Dialogue does raise issues with China's issue with environmental problems, this site seems to be Britain's one sided propaganda against China because it is never objective. Take an example of the problems with Cadmium in the food supply. This website never describes Chinese governments towards cleanup using neutralizers. Yes there is alot of air pollution in China's Cities, but this website never describe Chinese governments efforts to clean up and to ween themselves out from dirty coal power.
 said on
April 30, 2012
Isabel Hilton,

In your podcast, I was criticizing about why don't your have any articles about Chinese government efforts to clean out cadmium in the food supply and you come up with China's efforts to wean off from coal. Sounds like a Straw Man's Argument to me.

Second, these handful of articles are probably the less than 5% of the articles that are even close of being objective. Why don't you show the last 10 most recent articles in your website and show how 'objective' it is?

Third, 'clean coal' benefits many Western Companies who can sell their technologies to China anyways.
 said on
April 30, 2012
Sorry, I take it back about the Straw man's argument about in terms of coal. However, you still haven't have any articles about the Chinese government's efforts in the Cadmium issue.

No offense, I am probably more irked by the name of the website Chinadialogue.net. I've seen many foreign backed NGO's who wants to have a 'dialogue' with China when websites like yours but it seems to be nothing more than another China-bashing website using foreign money to do it. I'm sure that there are plenty of home grown NGO's which is more effective than yours in creating a 'dialogue' with Chinese officials than yours using a blow horn to do it.
Mark Lesson Studied