The Internet has always been near and dear to our hearts here at Sinica. Four years ago, our very first show covered Google China and the fracas that followed their decision to pull out of China. And in the years since, we've frequently talked about Twitter and Weibo and now Weixin. With various anniversaries looming and our Internet connections getting almost as bad as they were ten years ago, today we wanted to take a step back and chat about how the Internet has grown and changed China.

Joining long-time hosts Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn in our studio today are three stalwart guests who have experienced the worst and the best of the Chinese Internet: Duncan Clark from BDA China, Gady Epstein who writes for the Economist, and Bill Bishop who everyone should know as the author of the Sinocism newsletter. Join us for this discussion either by listening to this show online, or by downloading it as a standalone mp3 file and share with friends.
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May 25, 2014
Yey! Kaiser's back!
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May 25, 2014
Can you guys link to that meme? I'm trying to visualize your description, and I'm failing miserably.

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May 25, 2014
Here is 东北人都是活雷锋 on Youtube:
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May 25, 2014

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May 29, 2014
Links! Finally!


1. Partners and Rivals: The Uneasy Future of China's Relationship with the U.S., by Wendy Dobson Partners-Rivals-Relationship-Rotman-Utp-Publishing/ dp/ 1442647523

2. The China Story Lexicon’s entry on The Internet 互联网, by Jeremy

3. Economist special report on China’s internet: A giant cage, by Gady

4. BBS (bulletin board system) (Wikipedia)

5. 8848 (page at Baidu Baike)

6. People's Daily launches news search engine 1.0, by Li Mu for People’s Daily Online

7. May 1998 riots of Indonesia (Wikipedia)

8. Thallium poisoning case of Zhu Ling (Wikipedia)

9. Timeline: the Diaoyu-Senkaku Islands dispute at South China Morning Post

10. Charles Zhang 张朝阳 (Wikipedia)

11. Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

12. How Taobao bested Ebay in China (paywall) by Mark Greeven, Shengyun Tang, Tao Yue, Eric van Heck and Barbara Krug for the FT

13. Forbes profile of Wang Xing: The Cloner, by Gady

14. Story on Meituan: Groupon ‘Clones’ Dish on Future of Online Deals in China, by Loretta Chao for China RealTime Report

15. China's first meme: Northeasterners are all Living Lei Fengs 东北人都是活雷锋

On YouTube:

On Youku:

Entry on Baidu Baike:



16. Independent Taiwanese publisher Camphor Press


17. Keynote speech at the Fifth China-UK Internet Roundtable given by State Internet Information Office Minister Lu Wei 鲁炜: Liberty and Order in Cyberspace (Full Text)


18. Mandiant’s April 2013 report on PLA Unit 61398: APT1 - Exposing One of China’s Cyber

Espionage Units (pdf)


19. Jon Huntsman and Dennis Blair’s 2013 IP Commission Report (pdf) on the theft of American intellectual property


20. The Fate of Africa: A History of the Continent Since Independence, by Martin Meredith

21. China's Second Continent: How a Million Migrants Are Building a New Empire in Africa, by Howard French


22. Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China, by Evan Osnos

23. The novel The Incarnations, by Susan Barker (To be published this July, link leads to rights acquisition announcement and plot blurb.)

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June 16, 2014
is there transcript for this episode? thanks
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June 16, 2014

There's no transcript for sinica. We have all the links above and let us know what else you need.:)
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