This week on Sinica, we're happy to welcome back Jeremy Goldkorn in conversation with David Weeks, founder and president of the National High School Debate League of China, a debating society currently established in twenty-seven cities throughout China. Join us as we discuss the history and current state of debate activities here in China and look into the role that these kind of groups play in promoting critical thinking in the Chinese education system.

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July 19, 2014

1. Go Kunming

2. 中国高中生美式辩论联赛 (National High School Debate League of China )

3. British Parliamentary Style debate

4. Toastmasters International

5. Marco Polo Bridge (Incident)

6. Term: Wanzixi 晚自习 (v) - late-night solo studying

7. Hegelian dialectic



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Intelligence Squared Debate: The Internet Is Making Us Stupid, with Jimmy Wales, Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy O’Grady and Thomas Crompton


1. Resolved, the 2007 documentary on debate in the US

2. Online magazine The New Bloom
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