This week on Sinica we talk shop about Caterpillar's discovery of massive accounting fraud and subsequent $580 million write-down from a Chinese company the American equipment manufacturer acquired. We also look at the mysterious death of an American engineer in Singapore, ruled a suicide but believed by the late engineer's parents to be a cover-up involving, perhaps, controversial Chinese telecoms equipment giant Huawei. Joining host Kaiser Kuo to look behind the news at these stories are special guests Simon Montlake, the Beijing Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine, and Bill Bishop, "the China Hand's China Hand" and the force behind the must-read China news aggregator Sinocism.

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February 21, 2013

topic 1) Singapore suicide

Death in Singapore, by Raymond Bonner and Christine Spolar for the Financial Times

Huawei denies work in field linked to U.S. death in Singapore, by Jeremy Wagstaff for Reuters

topic 2) The Caterpillar debacle

Cat Scammed: How A U.S. Company Blew Half A Billion Dollars In China, by Simon Montlake for Forbes

Caterpillar's reverse merger, by Paul Gillis at the China Accounting Blog

Lights Out At Caterpillar's Troubled China Subsidiary, by Simon Montlake for his Ride the Tiger blog (Forbes)

设局卡特彼勒, Economic Observer story on Caterpillar by Chen Xu and Li Yuan


Sinica Seal of Approval:

The Sinocism China newsletter, by Bill Bishop

Bill Bishop:

1. Mr. China: A Memoir, by Tim Clissold

2. House of Cards (Netflix)

Simon Montlake:

Somewhere Between, documentary on teenaged girls adopted from China

Kaiser Kuo:

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity, by Katherine Boo


Return to River Town, by Peter Hessler for National Geographic
Mark Lesson Studied