Today on Sinica, join us for a discussion on economics, politics and geopolitics with Mark Leonard from the European Council on Foreign Relations. Our specific focus is China 3.0, the council's recent compendium of essays on contemporary Chinese approaches to policy issues from leading Chinese intellectuals and thinkers.

What is China 3.0? The thinking behind this book is that China’s recent leadership transition in Beijing marks the country's shift into a third stage of its development following the Maoist revolution in 1949 and Deng Xiaoping's embrace of market reforms in the late 1970s. This is a meaty discussion about people, ideas and social change. So join Kaiser and Jeremy as they grill Mark on what he thinks about recent developments in China and what they mean for Sinica listeners worldwide.

As always, this show is available as a standalone mp3 file if you'd like to download it instead of listening through our on-site flash player. For those of you looking to subscribe to Sinica through RSS using the new iTunes, the preferred method is now going to the iTunes store, clicking on podcasts, and then doing a search for... you guessed it... Sinica. And let us know if you have any questions or problems.
 said on
December 16, 2012
It often seems to take days to post up recommendations to accompany the podcast. Is there a particular reason for that?
 said on
December 18, 2012
Our humblest apologies. Links follow:


What Does China Think?

China 3.0 (free online)


Mark: The Rise of China vs the Logic of Strategy by Edward N. Luttwak



Becca Liao's review of Pankaj Mishra's book, "From the Ruins of Empire"
 said on
December 19, 2012
Is there a way to connect Popup Chinese to the open graph on facebook? I know China/facebook and everything, but I would love to do what I could to expand the Sinica podcast to a wider audience. It is the best conversation on China happening on a public level, and provides realistic insight into China that I think people in the west would be happy to know. That said I don't want to "share" that I listened to the podcast every week, but I definitely wouldn't mind if it popped up that "Joe listened to Sinica: China 3.0" every time.
 said on
December 19, 2012

We don't have Facebook integration on the site because the Great Firewall knocks out the javascript so that it (and our page) never loads. I'm not sure if there is a good workaround. Subscribing to the Sinica podcast page on Facebook might be a workaround -- there is usually a discussion there as well as here:


 said on
December 20, 2012
Hey Guys, in light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook in the US, I was thinking: "What's the current (and historical) policy towards gun ownership in China?" Anyway to address this in a podcast?

 said on
November 15, 2013
Great podcast! It's great to hear a European perspective contrasting with an American perspective on China.
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