You'd be forgiven for thinking that China and South Africa weren't actual neighbors given all the pomp and ritual that surrounded South African President Jacob Zuma's recent state visit to China, a trip that saw China roll out the red carpet in a very uncritical fashion not often seen these days, with even Xinhua getting into the spirit of international camraderie with fulsome editorials praising the South African people and their international spirit.

And in the spirit of confusing co-host Kaiser and changing the balance of power in the studio, Jeremy is delighted to have invited a "real" South African to join us this week. And so our guest is John Bailey, Asia Correpondent of ENCA, the 24-hour television news broadcaster focusing on South African and African stories. In this hour-long show, John joins us to talk about what is happening in South Africa, and why the country's relations with China have taken such a rosy turn.

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 said on
December 17, 2014
Netflix Marco Polo - worthy of an episode?
 said on
December 18, 2014
@Zheng.57 - Yeah, I was actually thinking about doing that. At least as part of an episode. I doubt I'll be able to convince Jeremy to watch the thing though. -Kaiser
 said on
December 19, 2014
why, is he so anti-american he won't even watch a well made series pertaining to powerful Mongolian tribes and Song dynasty period(1200 chabuduo) . did he not watch 'House of Cards' either?

is this suppose to be a ' Putonghua' learning site or is all about 5 consecultive 'Sinicas' these past weeks.


 said on
December 21, 2014
i second the request for possible review of Marco Polo by Kaiser and Jeremy.

a change from serious Sinica's.

who else is making entertaining, character driven streaming series like Marco Polo , House of Cards and Breakin Bad . but the US Netflix's of this world?


hard to justify anybody's subscription with very few new Chinese learning lessons per month > if your not into weekly 'Sinica'

as a beginner+ i ask basic word questions lately with no replies but many comments on Sinica

i do go back and review past lessons, problably a good thing.

my 2 cents

 said on
December 23, 2014
This was a really fun discussion--great episode. And on the topic of Marco Polo: a review episode would be a good opportunity to invite Raymond Zhou back on (he is one of my favorite guests that y'all have had)
Mark Lesson Studied