Did I ever tell you about the time I was trapped in that sea cave? In less than ten minutes we went from collecting shells in shallow tidal pools to sloughing through waist-deep water as the tide came in. It was amazing how little it took to make everything wrong.

And to be honest, there was a moment when I didn't think any of us would make it out alive. The currents had swollen so much it was getting hard to even keep my footing. But it was just then - right at that moment of despair - that I had what I know now is an epiphany. Because I suddenly realized what it really means to be human and why we're all here, and that's why I invited you out, because I think it's important to share....

 said on
June 10, 2010
Good podcast. I love Echo, but it's nice to hear from Gail for a change too. :)

 said on
June 11, 2010
Is there a Chinese equivalent of the english phrase 'to make a face' - 打个脸吧
 said on
June 11, 2010

to make a face =做个鬼脸 zuo4 ge4 gui3lian3

打个脸吧 means: come on, slap me in the face.

Have a nice day!
 said on
June 12, 2010
"打个脸吧 means: come on, slap me in the face. "

lol. don't want to get that wrong....
 said on
March 31, 2015
 said on
April 3, 2017
Some of the dialog 怎么个+Adj+法儿?expressions: