We stood in the hallway watching 9527 ease her hairpin into our lock. "It's Fujianese design," she said biting her lip in concentration before simultaneously twisting the pin and jerking the lever sideways. There was the brief sound of metal scraping reluctantly against metal and a brief shudder that ran up the door frame before the lock gave way and the door popped open.

We're still not sure if 9527 was talking about her hairpin or our home security, but changed the locks shortly afterwards and no longer consider it accidental that most of the locksmiths in Beijing come from down south. But regardless of where and how 9527 learned that particular skill, let us share this Chinese podcast with you that reveals how deep an impression she has made on her fellow voice actors, most of whom have no idea that she actually has a Chinese name and is not really on the lam.
 said on
November 6, 2011

我近来每个播客都练习听写,就是说你所说的话我写下来。 我觉得这个对我的听力有好处。但是有几个部分我听不清楚。


Echo: actually what I want to say bout this, is that in our intermediate level texts we want to tell you all more about implied meaning.

我听不清楚的地方放着一个 ~。

Did I translate what you said correctly?
 said on
November 7, 2011



翻译得也差不多,只有一个地方,“语感”的意思是“the feeling of a language“。


 said on
May 13, 2013
Is 9527 really her name???!!!
 said on
May 14, 2013

It's actually the name of a role in a drama she played before, but now she uses it more frequently than her real name.