Deep within the bowels of his Shanxi fortress, lungs safely ensconced behind an industrial breathing apparatus, Gao opened his oven to gaze inside with paternal pride. Thick, rich and spewing forth unquestionably carcinogenic vapour, his second generation of brownies looked deliciously irresistible. In fact, it if weren't for his intimate knowledge of the physical agony awaiting anyone who sampled even a single bite, Gao would have been tempted to try one himself.

Learning Chinese? Newcomers to Popup Towers might wonder why our staff seem so intent on killing each other using homemade imitations of popular Western desserts. We worry less about the homicidal impulses of our voice actors and more about providing interesting Chinese learning materials that also feature Chinese the way it is actually spoken here in China. So we hope you enjoy this lesson. And if you're still confused by the story, be sure to check out this lesson which outlines the background to Gao and 9527's epic Popup rivalry.
 said on
July 17, 2013
I really like the song the lesson begins with. what song is it and who sings it?
 said on
July 18, 2013

It's 不留 by 王菲

 said on
July 19, 2013

泡泡中文好!其实我终于来中国。 这是我第一次,我特喜欢!我从美国带了布朗尼蛋糕粉。我快要去看河南朋友,然后8月再来北京学习。那时候我想做蛋糕给你们吃。听说能用电饭锅烤- 我该凑合一下。跑跑塔还在75 Chaoyangmen Nei Dajie还是已经有新的地址吗?8月什么时候方便给你们蛋糕吃?毒药已经放好了。。。×足以×毒死外国人,但是对北京人来说应该没问题 :)

我今晚在朝阳区但是没有时间做蛋糕,明天坐火车去看朋友。The funny thing is my train will pass through 山西 so maybe I can grab some特色的糖霜there.
 said on
July 22, 2013


我们地址已经改了,等你回北京以后告诉我,我把新地址发给你,欢迎你来我们的“泡泡别墅” :)


 said on
September 3, 2013