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A popular commercial from Seven-Up based loosely around the story of Snow White. And we say loosely because we don't see any mention of the seven dwarves. Or the wicked witch. In fact, major elements of the story seem to have been changed to include mention of carbonated soda and twist-off-the-cap prize giveaways.
 said on
May 30, 2013
Unfortunately I am still not able to watch some of the clips. I get the YouTube window but then nothing responds. :-(
 said on
May 31, 2013
And I thought advertisements here in Bangkok were nutty!!!
 said on
June 5, 2013
Entertaining, if tortured, whimsy!

These are very long advertisements, are they only seen on the Internet? Or also on VERY long advertisement-breaks ontelevision?
 said on
June 11, 2013
That is hilarious! Who cares how long it is, it's an entertaining and you learn at the same time! Keep it up!

 said on
March 1, 2016
companies tend to make one long version for the internet and one short version for the TV these days. This is likely the long version used for skippable advertising on the net.
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