Later this evening we'll be publishing an Elementary podcast that will help some of us figure out how to get our clothes back from the dry cleaners. In the meantime, more advanced students are encouraged to check out our latest advanced listening test. In this short dialogue, learn what happens when art meets commerce, Beijing-style. Listen once, and then test your comprehension by clicking through to our quiz section. The entire dialogue is annotated on our text page in case you need help deciphering it.
 said on
April 30, 2009
Found this dialogue easier to understand than most of the other advanced materials, although the test was quite challenging. Not sure if it was terribly fair, but it was good practice anyway.
 said on
May 1, 2009
You call them 暴发户, I call them my neighbors. God bless them all. :)
 said on
May 2, 2009