Katie Holmes? Don't know her, but her husband was pretty good in Minority Report. Never a huge fan of Top Gun or Risky Business. But why would I be? Not like I was involved in filming it or almost got a hernia from that scene dancing with the vacuum cleaner. And I swear I've never been to China before, so those weren't my pictures you saw all over that place outside Shanghai. See? I can't even remember the name!

Yeah, so forget about the uncanny resemblance - I'm not a hyper-celebrity and that's the honest truth. Just here to "check out China" and take a break from the "rat race" with my beautiful wife. But yeah, we can take a photo together if you want. Call me John.
 said on
September 13, 2008
Well this site is quite nice, may become the replacement of chinesepod. However, there are not many contents at the moment.

Keep it up, Jia You, Ganbate, Aca Aca Figthing.
 said on
March 19, 2009
I was wondering about the characters that represent Tom Cruise's name. Do they mean something, or are they characters that represent the phonetics of the name?
 said on
March 19, 2009

There are no special meanings of these characters. People just translated the name by its sound.


 said on
June 11, 2010
汤姆 : tom

汤 : soup

姆 : could mean different things including mother, aunt, wet nurse ??! ;-)
 said on
April 13, 2013
I don't know how to find out the lesson's vocabulary. Do I need to pay the money in order to download it? Do you have any for free?
 said on
April 14, 2013

Right now the vocabulary lists are included as premium content along with the online transcripts and private iTunes feed. Our study tools are all available free-of-charge and you can always add vocabulary to them manually, and use things like our dictionary and annotation tools to quickly add content to your private vocab lists.

Another workaround is searching the dictionary in English for the relevant words you want to add to your private lists and clicking on them in the popups. If you are curious what the premium features on the site look like, you can take a look at the sample lesson below:


Hope this helps,


 said on
April 30, 2013
It would be helpful to add a "studying" category to the "my lessons" menu. It would help me go to the lesson right away. The problem with having so many lessons is that it makes navigation difficult.


- Daniel
 said on
April 30, 2013
This is a good idea, especially for long lessons that take time to work through. An alternative would be a starred lesson feature, where you mark lessons you want to return to later.
 said on
July 23, 2017

Dear popup chinese,please let me know why the question "are you Tom Cruise?" in chinese do not bring the particle "ma" at the end of it? I didn´n know in chinese, the raise of the voice at the end of the sentence has meaning .

 said on
July 27, 2017

I'm pretty sure we cover this in a few of the other absolute beginner shows, but the short explanation is basically that this is one of those areas where the technical rules of mandarin don't really cover the way many people speak in real life. And while it's proper and in no way wrong to use 吗, it is sometimes dropped it in colloquial speech, especially if it's clear from the intonation that someone is asking a question.

 said on
October 31, 2017


 said on
November 17, 2017
 said on
April 1, 2020
我很喜欢这套节目,因为主播谈话轻松愉快。此外,请问电台主播说的中文是否有地方口音,比如北京腔? 女主播说“克鲁斯”时,用了特别的语调,是吗?
 said on
March 12, 2021