trevelyan on April 17, 2010

The default install location for the software is "C:\Program Files\Popup Chinese Translator". If you open that directory, you'll see a file named "translations.txt". That's a tab-denominated file containing first the Chinese text and then the preferred English translation. You can mass-import content by adding it to that file.

An sqlite version of the Adso database is also in that directory, so more experienced developers can import content into it directly. That said, I'd recommend getting started with the "translations.txt" file as it is much easier. If you add a lot of new entries please send us a copy of this file and we will review/tag the entries and add them to the master database for release in a future version of the software.

Once the Chinese translation software is running, you can add new words by highlighting them once they're in the source box (on the left) and then hitting the "a" key. You'll be prompted to enter an English translation for the Chinese word. This word and its translation will be added to your system and written to the "translations.txt" file. All future texts containing that particular phrase will be translated as you've specified.



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