posted by murrayjames on March 3, 2014 | 4 comments
Another 多音字 question。 As I understand it, 当年 dāngnián means "that year," while 当年 dàngnián means "the very same year (as something else)".

Is there a way, absent context, to know which is meant in a given sentence? Which 当年 is used in the sentence below?

他们于当年3月份录制了《Kind of Blue》这张专辑。

Thanks in advance :)
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Grace Qi on March 3, 2014 | reply

当年dāngnián: a period of time in the past - it could those days or those years - not very specific.

当年,她还是个小姑娘。( You can tell from sentence like this, it's about things that happened in the past - not a specific year)

It also means the prime of life.


当年dàngnián: the very same year. 事情发生的同一年 - It's more specific.

他们于当年3月份录制了《Kind of Blue》这张专辑。Because of 三月 here, so 当年 is the same year. It's talking about a specific incident here, so it can't be 三月 of a period of time in the past.

However, sometimes you do need context to tell the difference.

当年dàngnián needs a a little reference of the something else happened in the same year when it doesn't have a specific month or date.

Hope it helps~~;)

murrayjames on March 3, 2014 | reply
Helpful as always :) Thanks Grace!