posted by murrayjames on April 30, 2014 | 6 comments
In this sentence...

四十年代中期起,他先后加入Jack Teagarden,Stan Kenton,Benny Goodman等知名乐团,未及弱冠之年,Stan Getz已经以自己名义灌录过唱片。

...what's the meaning of 未及弱冠之年 and what follows? Is it "before he was 20-years-old, Stan Getz had already recorded an album under his own name"?
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Grace Qi on May 1, 2014 | reply
“弱冠” means 20 years old in ancient times - generally it means when boys become men.

You translation is correct! :)

murrayjames on May 1, 2014 | reply
Thanks Grace :)