posted by 何楚尧 on March 23, 2015 | 4 comments
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Grace Qi on March 27, 2015 | reply

“霸气”可以是褒义词(commendatory term), 也可以是贬义词(derogatory term) - 看你怎么用,在哪用。

Cool: 我想要一个霸气的发型;

Aggressive or domineering(in a positive way):姚明打球姿势真霸气;

Arrogant: 他有点钱,就霸气的不得了。etc.




何楚尧 on March 31, 2015 | reply

I've been hearing this word pretty often lately, and haven't had a really clear explanation till now。真给力!
Erin Gao on June 13, 2015 | reply
@何楚尧 霸 (ba4), in Chinese is usually a derogatory term,such as 霸道 (ba4 dao4)means arbitrary;霸占 (ba4 zhan4), which means something or someone has been forcibly occupied by someone. 霸气(ba4 qi4), in English means arrogant or manly and can be a commendatory term or derogatory term.

霸气 : 《纽约时报》给予的霸气十足的广告词:“汽车有劳斯莱斯,冰淇淋有哈根达斯。”"New York Times" to the domineering full advertising words: "a Rolls-Royce automobile, a Häagen Dazs ice cream.

霸气 (derogatory term),他长得虽然漂亮,但是霸气的不得了。

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