After succumbing last episode to Brendan's wide-ranging knowledge of everything save contemporary pop music, Echo has switched sides this week to serve as Chinese quizmaster in a show that pits podcaster Sylvia against voice-legend Andy in a China-vs-China battle of the wits. And with a Chinese Mobile recharge card hanging in the balance, and SMS messages just waiting to be sent, the stakes could not be higher for our contestants.

Learning Chinese? Our quiz show is intended for people who already have pretty good mandarin but are looking for a fun way to expand their vocabulary. And with that in mind, our topics covered this week include famous American companies which have bought other famous American companies, people who did not win the Nobel Peace Prize, and Communist beards we know and love. This is a fun romp through history, pop culture, and German facial hair, so join us for the quiz and let us know what you think.
 said on
May 9, 2013

 said on
June 12, 2013
I really like these quiz shows but I second yanuo that there should probably be more questions about Chinese topics. Or maybe it is just that trying to learn Chinese translations of Western names (especially Russian ones) is a highly effective form of self-torture. Oddly enough, I got almost all the Communist-related questions right but missed most of the American questions except the Pixar one... I hope I don't have my citizenship revoked!