If you're used to the old HSK system and are still getting your bearings, level three on the new exam corresponds to the lower end of the beginner level on the old HSK. The match-up isn't exact though, because some question types like these reading exercises are still considerably easier. The challenge in these question types is simple: matching a number of missing words to their parent sentences.
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February 3, 2014
Question #6. Does the “一” in “一拳打” mean he was punched just one time?

Question #9. Does “我睡太死了” mean I slept too soundly (and was unable to wake up)?

Happy new year guys :-)
 said on
February 4, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year! Spending time with family sure is nice!

Question #6. “一” in “一拳打” means "one" punch/fist hit on…"一" here isn't about times or how many punches. "一拳" here is a phrase. The sentence focuses on He was punched on some body part.

Question #9. "我睡太死了"- your explanation is correct.

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