Our film this week is such a classic that Brendan, Echo and and David have all seen it. Which means no more pithy commentary from the gallery. And we have some educational substance to our podcast today too, as our clip inadvertently highlights three completely different words for expressing hope. So listen in, try to guess our mystery film, and get your guesses to echo@popupchinese.com for a chance to win a free month of premium access and a sexy Popup Chinese t-shirt. Good luck!
 said on
June 13, 2009
No idea ! You people are very funnny though:) And the grammar part is usefull too. I was browsing some Chinese music videos yesterday and the word 渴望 was in one of the songs...a glimpse of instant subtitle understanding, I am soo happy now !
 said on
June 14, 2009

你开心,我们也开心 :)