At Popup Chinese, we believe rules are made to be broken. Which is why we're flaunting our regular scheduled programming and bringing you this special Monday edition of none other than Film Friday. The other reason for this shift is of course that we meant to get this out last Friday, but our DVD player refused to cooperate, being overwhelmed with the sheer difficulty of our selection....

But leaving all that as it may, we hope you enjoy this irregularly-scheduled edition of our favorite Hollywood movie guessing game. Join in as we play a challenging clip from a popular Hollywood film dubbed into Chinese. And if you can guess the movie from nothing more than it's Chinese soundtrack? Get your guesses in to for a chance to win a month of free premium access to Popup Chinese.

 said on
January 31, 2011
The first Film Friday I've been able to guess. I think it's because I watched this movie (for the second time) recently so it's still fresh in my mind.
 said on
February 2, 2011
Oh, 拜托.
 said on
February 8, 2011
The answer is

Did you guess right?