Everyone may be hustling for a little extra cash these days, but our lesson today goes out especially to all you poor souls in Shanghai who have to run a gauntlet of professional beggars every time you step outside. Having lived it ourselves, we know this isn't a pleasant experience, and it's especially disheartening since it can desensitize you to helping people who are really down and out with nowhere to turn. With that in mind, and since this dialogue is also a bit mean-spirited, let's offset it with a practical tip on how to act charitably in China.

There are a lot of stores that will give you small change, but very few places you can really spend it. So if you're in the mood to be charitable, why not take advantage of this. Keep your small change in a separate pocket from your wallet and use this as a reserve for casual giving. You'll be surprised at how much accumulates over time, and having a separate stash for those who really need help will put you in more of a mood to give when the circumstances call for it.