At Popup Chinese we're not afraid of revelling in stereotypes, which is why we have a really easy Absolute Beginner lesson today in which we'll teach you the flawless mandarin for claiming you're a German engineer. Consider this your first step towards getting a massive construction contract from the Chinese government.

We're aware that you may not actually be a German engineer. Some of you might not even be German. Regardless, the Chinese you'll learn in this lesson is basic Chinese you can use to break the ice and start a conversation with anyone. And we guarantee you'll hear these questions time and time again as well. So it's best to have an answer ready, even if that answer is factually wrong and you're really a lawyer from Ohio.
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August 8, 2018
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August 16, 2018
NEI is often used as a colloquial contraction of NA YI, as in:

NEIGE = NA YI GE (which one)