We know you're serious about a career in China, so let us share a professional secret: fight to pay for the bill. Like going over the top in World War I, the struggle to pay for lunch is a doomed but valorous effort that commands respect and gives you face. So pull out your wallet, shake off the objections of your colleagues and try to flag down that waiter.

This being easier said than done, in this podcast we give you a leg-up by teaching the two magic words you'll need to dazzle the waiter into taking money from your outstretched palm. Combined with the physical act of thrusting funds into his or her hands, this is a surprisingly effective method of resolving the who-gets-to-pay dispute. But sometimes your business partner might be physically restraining you, so it's still critical to get the verbal part down.
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January 14, 2009

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February 17, 2011
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June 23, 2015