The infamously reclusive Teddy Wang, tycoon of the Orient and Time Magazine's "China Entrepreneur" five years running, had fallen into seclusion. From his estate on one of the outlying Hong Kong islands, the dashing young businessman had taken to conducting business exclusively through his timid assistant Roger, a meekrat of a man who spent his days shuffling papers for the reclusive industrial magnate. And yet despite their mutual dependence no-one had ever seen the two of them together at the same time....

Join us in today's Chinese lesson as we cover a few useful phrases and pleasantries you can use right away in business meetings. Even if you can't conduct a whole meeting in Chinese (yet), once you're done with this lesson you'll know how to give face to your Chinese guest by inviting them to come in and sit down. We've also enabled our Speaking Practice hotline for this lesson, so if you're a premium subscriber don't forget to give us a call and get one-on-one feedback on your pronunciation.
 said on
May 12, 2010
In the text version here you've got a bit of a goof in the pinyin :). Just an FYI. Should be: wo3 xian1 shi1pei2.

甲: 我先失陪了。

甲: wo3 xian1 to excuse myself 。

甲: I have to excuse myself.
 said on
May 12, 2010

Thanks for the correction Craig. Not sure how that slipped by us, but it's fixed now.