With less than 24 hours before the deadline, Susan drifted in a bubble of lightheaded fatigue as she continued pecking away at her two-hundred page manuscript. She had been working sixteen hour days for the last week and was starting to despair of ever finishing this project, let alone finishing it on time. And her condition must have been obvious, because when she looked up Bryan had materialized over her looking seriously concerned.

In today's podcast, listen to a conversation between Susan and Bryan and learn how to form simple questions in Chinese using adjectives. Are you busy? Are you tired? Then answer these questions. The sentence patterns and vocabulary we teach are core building blocks for mandarin fluency, so listen up, practice our dialogue as it plays along, and you'll be speaking better Chinese in about five minutes.
 said on
June 4, 2019
Hi guys, love the channel! what was the word you used for stuff? i.e. I still have stuff to do.
 said on
June 25, 2019

Try the beloved and near-universal 事儿 (erhuaized for special effect). As in 我这儿还有些事儿 (I've still got some stuff to do here)。