In the spirit of sharing a helpful tip for dealing with friends who procreate, one thing we've learned something of the hard way is the astonishing degree to which parents end up being more patient with their new offspring than they are with their non-childbearing but emotionally supportive friends, especially should one happen to make a stray remark about asking the little guy to hurry up because other people might need to go too.

Just starting to learn Chinese? Our podcast for today is one of our more difficult lessons at the Absolute Beginner level, since it presumes you've already run into the particle 了, and know it is used to put sentences into the past tense and signal what is known as a "change of state". But what you might not know is that sometimes you'll see this doubled-up in the same sentence. This lesson is about one case when this occurs, so that you can impress everyone with how native your Chinese is getting.
 said on
May 11, 2012
A common question I get is...How long have you been in China?

Would I reply with: 我住在中国了一年了

Also I think question 2 in the quiz is wrong. the question uses "he's" but the answer is 她.

 said on
May 12, 2012

 said on
December 21, 2013
Hi there, the pronoun in #2's Q&A don't match.
 said on
June 6, 2015
I think quiz question #2 is incorrect. The "correct" answer uses 她 but the question explicitly says "he."
 said on
January 24, 2016
Was browsing through dictionary and two pinyin of "Ben" that do not have translation or definitions. The last two, what are they please.