drummerboy on March 26, 2014 (0) | reply
In my opinion this was one of the more useful and practical lessons. More like this please! :-) This lesson makes me think of one of my favorite tv dramas 冬至
drummerboy on February 28, 2014 (0) | reply
On the HSK testing there appears to be questions that require a response to an audio track. However, when I click the play button nothing happens. I am using a Macbook air.

My review features are not functioning properly. I have it set to 25 but am only prompted for 5.

Where did the Chinese news feeds go? I did enjoy those.

And no short stories in over a year! :-( That was one of my favorite features. Please, please bring them back and more frequently.

Other than that I am really enjoying the new site changes.
drummerboy on January 2, 2014 (0) | reply
I have found YouTube to be and excellent place to watch Chinese TV dramas. Just about everything is on there. I just finished 《后厨》which was quite good (IMO) and started《心术》the other day, which is about the doctor-patient conflicts taking place in today's society. There is even a podcast about this issue (an advanced one if I remember correctly) I also found the entire 76 episodes of《甄嬛传》on YouTube!

drummerboy on March 3, 2014 (0) | reply
Found the news feeds... thanks :-)
drummerboy on January 1, 2014 (0) | reply
@ bulgeros. Try Youtube, you can find a lot there.
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