oldgabe on April 18, 2015
Yeah... I'm very sorry about that. But I'm really eager now and I trust that the picture will gradually change to reflect my progress.

On a related note, I've encountered Apple again, next to the Frequently Asked Questions, and she seems rather pleased about the fact that there are only two: number 2 and 3. Of course we all know that the Chinese start counting at 2 but for the uninitiated this may seem like some kind of unimportant oversight that's not even worth being mentioned.

Also there are references to RSS stuff again which may or may not be outdated.

To illustrate my train of thought in regards to Popup Chinese I have prepared this brief timeline, imagine some kind of rollercoaster graph labelled 'excitement' to go along with it.

t=0 : I have no idea what any of this is but I'm somewhat excited.

t=1 : nice podcast, I should totally give them all my money. How exciting!

t=2 : broken links, broken functions, I should totally keep my money. Bummer.

t=3 : nice response times, I should totally give them some money. I'm excited again, let's make a corresponding graph and describe it vaguely instead of actually showing it.

t=4 : they're likely to be linguists or something like that, they probably don't have any idea how graphs work. This was a waste of time.

So here we are. I'm considering upgrading to premium whilst keeping enough for rent and food. It's not ideal, I know, but meibanfa.
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