trevelyan on April 18, 2015
Thanks for the explanation -- I've fixed up that part of the site so no-one else gets confused. As far as the photo goes, that is Apple and I remember the shoot went down something like this:


"You need to look more wistful," we told Apple. The sun was setting over Houhai and there was only another twenty or thirty minutes of usable light.

"I'm just so disappointed...."

"Disappointed? We've had a good day and we're about to go get dinner." From somewhere in the back, Brendan grumbled something about the fact that she was getting paid. He had a talent for keeping his opinions on the cusp of comprehensibility.

"Well," Apple hesistated for a moment, "the problem is Gabe, because he just isn't making the sort of progress that he should and I can't stop thinking about it...."

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