pefferie on June 5, 2012
I have also done Chinese Breeze and Anki. To start stydying characters, Tuttle's "Learning Chinese Characters" is an excellent book. I have a podcast app on my Windows phone that submits vocabulary directly to Anki for review. Recording yourself and listening is also useful, but I do not have enough willpower. My first excuse was that there was not a good application for recording and playing back, so I wrote one. Used it once, found it useful, but just keep finding excuses not to do it again. The important part is to keep doing _something_ - for me the easiest is to keep listening to Popup Chinese and/or ChinesePod (daily) and do Anki reviews (almost daily - 10-15 minutes), so that's what I do. I know if I skip Anki for a week, it will probably hit me with 150 words to review. I am at a point where I "know" quite a few characters, but not the words they compose, so I am planning to reduce my Anki load and focus on other activities - reading hanzi and reading pinyin outloud to increase fluency.
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