posted by JayFromGuam on December 8, 2018 | 14 comments
I got this necklace from a friend back in 2015 and I've never worn it because I never knew what it meant. I asked a Chinese friend what it meant and he told me "Fu Lu Shou". All I know is what I could find on the internet. I made an account on this website in hopes to find out more info on this piece of jewelry.

Can someone please tell me what this necklace means, and the value of it? Not that I am going to sell or give it away but I would like to know what it is worth in U.S. Dollars as I had it for a long time and never wore it. I am thinking of starting to wear it today.

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trevelyan on December 10, 2018 | reply
No idea if the necklace is worth anything, but the three characters are a shorthand for:


( prosperity, luck, long-life)