posted by Bertin.Jon on May 11, 2019 | 6 comments

Thank you for all the learning material. I love the site and recommend it to any I run into learning Mandarin.

One difficulty I have had with using the site is how the material is split along difficult level and then organized by release date. This would be great if new content was released into each of the different skill groups frequently, so a Beginner would just listen to their material for each release while a more Advanced student listen to the Advanced lessons. But it seems like material does not come out that fast (which is understandable since it would require a ton of staff and work), and if users really want to leverage the sites material they have to go backwards to listen to past lessons. This gets difficult to manage, because I cannot easily recall which lessons I've visited in the past, so I have to do a click-through to find if this is a lesson I've already seen or if it is what I want to study.

I think it would benefit the site if you gave the content more structure based on Topic. As a Chinese learner I often am studying a particular group of vocabulary, and it would be very useful to be able to find podcasts related to say, "Dining/Food" or "Travel" based on whatever I am studying at the time. Plus, users would be able to pick lessons that may be immediately of use to a situation they expect to find themselves in (e.g. if you know you're about to use the subway in China you could study those related podcasts).

I think this would make the site have a wider reach of use (so potentially attract more members) and make it less dependent on a continuous feed of lessons (so reduce your team's cost and time commitment) to remain relevant. Overall more sustainable.

Thanks again. You're a great resource for learning and I hope with some HTML/JS tweaks you'll be better yet.
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