posted by beaudarc on May 23, 2018 | 10 comments
If you wish to see her earthly visage I can only (regretfully) point you in the direction of Chinese classless 101, where she can be seen doin the shill. I feel sorry for her.

True, of all the beautiful Chinese women there are, she may be considered in a lower percentile. Nonetheless, beauty is all in the brain, and her wit more than compensates for everything.

On that commercial website, where several souls have necessarily sold their souls, you can hear empty, vacuous, nothingness. Or listen here, where humour, insight, and wisdom prevail.
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trevelyan on May 25, 2018 | reply
Echo is on the right in the photo here. That's Apple on the left:

xxxxxxit on July 22, 2018 | reply
It looks like Echo, Brendan and David all migrated to Chinese Class 101:
beaudarc on July 22, 2018 | reply
That was years ago, and the sh*tty dialogues they did there, don't hold a candle to anything 在泡泡中文。