Popup Chinese - Community http://popupchinese.com Community Discussions on Popup Chinese en-us <![CDATA[: comment by matthew.phan]]> <![CDATA[: comment by ambergold3]]> <![CDATA[: comment by susana.takac]]> <![CDATA[: comment by charlesmzhu]]> <![CDATA[: comment by 何楚尧]]> <![CDATA[: comment by sinnernerious]]> <![CDATA[: comment by trevelyan]]> <![CDATA[: comment by trevelyan]]> <![CDATA[: comment by trevelyan]]> http://popupchinese.com/account/review It is possible to turn off this functionality by disabling the automatic review completely. That said, it isn't really a horrible thing to have random vocab thrust your way every now and then, which is why we have the system working this way. The alternate is either: (1) screwing up the SRS scheduling, or (2) changing the way the popup review works. That said, I'll look into the pinyin issue with 聋. This problem *will* happen for characters with multiple pronunciations (since we do a sanity check), but in this case it may be that someone added it as a correct entry and it hasn't been reviewed and rejected yet. Not sure until I see what is happening in the database.... ]]> <![CDATA[: comment by ccd1994]]> <![CDATA[: comment by GrandPiano]]> <![CDATA[: comment by msjiyoonchoi]]> <![CDATA[: comment by masa]]> <![CDATA[: comment by lambo]]> <![CDATA[: comment by spam]]> <![CDATA[: comment by vlaw]]> <![CDATA[: comment by trevelyan]]> <![CDATA[: comment by vlaw]]> <![CDATA[: comment by kay_kay1424]]> <![CDATA[: comment by sarmizegetusa]]> <![CDATA[: comment by Daweilaoshi]]> <![CDATA[: comment by scottishjellybeans]]> <![CDATA[: comment by stephen.morgan]]> <![CDATA[: comment by viccui]]> <![CDATA[: comment by matthew.phan]]>